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We deliver ads for ad networks and allow you to use our software to do the same thing. When an end user starts a “download”, the program opens 4 external affiliate links in the users’ default browser. These 4 links are “super links” provided by the ad networks. These links are able to detect the users’ device & platform so they deliver targeted ads.

Because MovieFinderPro is cross platform, there are currently 4 different platforms to make money from. Currently we have Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android builds that you can distribute.

When you sign up to the ad networks through our affiliate/referral links below, you will be able to get your super links. Once you’ve signed up for all the networks below and built all your super links, simply send us an email to “affiliates (AT)” and let us know. Once we have checked to make sure you’ve signed up under us, you will send us your super links and we will send you a custom build that contains your affiliate links. You can then host the file on your server or anywhere really.

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