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Before we will even consider you as an affiliate/partner, you must signup to the following networks. The first 4 are CPA (cost per action) networks and one PPI (pay per install) network. In order to be considered, you MUST signup using the links at the bottom of the page, above the footer. Yes, these are referral links and yes we get paid a small percentage of however much you make.

The CPA ads will open in the users’ default browser. For PPI, you will have to build your own links within the network dashboard.

Once you have joined all 5 networks through our referral links below, send an email to “affiliates (AT)” along with your affiliate ID’s for each network. Once we’ve verified that you are indeed a referral from us, we will ask you to send your “super links” from each network and we will send you a custom build with your affiliate links embedded in the program.


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