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Join Us & Make a TON with our Affiliate Program.

Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate of MovieFinderPro. Our affiliate program is not really a traditional affiliate program per se. It’s more of a partnership.

How does it work? 2018-03-26T01:29:50+00:00

We deliver ads for ad networks and allow you to use our software to do the same thing. When an end user starts a “download”, the program opens 4 external affiliate links in the users’ default browser. These 4 links are “super links” provided by the ad networks. These links are able to detect the users’ device & platform so they deliver targeted ads.

Because MovieFinderPro is cross platform, there are currently 4 different platforms to make money from. Currently we have Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android builds that you can distribute.

When you sign up to the ad networks through our affiliate/referral links below, you will be able to get your super links. Once you’ve signed up for all the networks below and built all your super links, simply send us an email to “affiliates (AT)” and let us know. Once we have checked to make sure you’ve signed up under us, you will send us your super links and we will send you a custom build that contains your affiliate links. You can then host the file on your server or anywhere really.

How do I get started? 2018-03-26T01:54:02+00:00

Before we will even consider you as an affiliate/partner, you must signup to the following networks. The first 4 are CPA (cost per action) networks and one PPI (pay per install) network. In order to be considered, you MUST signup using the links at the bottom of the page, above the footer. Yes, these are referral links and yes we get paid a small percentage of however much you make.

The CPA ads will open in the users’ default browser. For PPI, you will have to build your own links within the network dashboard.

Once you have joined all 5 networks through our referral links below, send an email to “affiliates (AT)” along with your affiliate ID’s for each network. Once we’ve verified that you are indeed a referral from us, we will ask you to send your “super links” from each network and we will send you a custom build with your affiliate links embedded in the program.


Where will my ads be shown? 2018-03-25T23:33:07+00:00

After you’ve joined the ad networks and sent us all the info, we will send you over a custom build with your affiliate network links inside the actual MovieFinderPro program itself. When a user downloads a movie file, 4 external browser links are opened and these will be your affiliate ads. Each network will get an impression for every file downloaded. Imagine if you could get just 100K installs. That would be 400k impressions if each user only downloaded one movie file. Get it?

Can I distribute MovieFinderPro using a PPI network? 2018-03-26T01:33:04+00:00

Yes you may, but restrictions apply…..

First, they must have a referral program that we can join and you must sign up under us in order for us to give you a custom build. Second, the network must be legit and not deliver virus programs, malware, or spyware. Third, you must seek approval prior to promoting.

Pay per install networks are fine to use but you must contact us first and sign up under our affiliate/referral links.

Why choose CPA over PPI? 2018-03-25T23:35:57+00:00

CPA, or “cost per action” is the method we chose for monetizing, versus the always popular model of PPI or “pay per install”. Why did we choose CPA over PPI?


CPA means you can get paid over and over and over and over again as long as that user keeps the software installed. It’s a recurring income, unlike “pay per install” programs. Not only that, but a lot of PPI affiliate programs only pay you one time and have a tendency to “shave” their installs. We are open to PPI, but only with a limited amount of companies.

We would rather make $10/user over the course of a year or two than to make $1.00 per install immediately. This way is more money for all of us.

How does MovieFinderPro make money? 2018-03-25T22:41:33+00:00

We make money by referring “YOU”, to ad networks. When you sign up under us, we make anywhere from 5%-10% of whatever you make. We also make money from ads inside the software.

We scratch your back, you scratch ours. We give you a super awesome software to promote and it’s a software that your users will love and use a lot. With high user retention, your/our income increases. It’s very feasible to make an average of $10/user since it’s a CPA model.

Can I bundle other apps with MusicFinderPro? 2018-04-29T19:53:53+00:00

No, absolutely not. If we find out that you’re doing this, we reserve the right to cancel our agreement with you and update your custom build to reflect our affiliate ids.

HOWEVER, we might be open to this under special circumstances. If you want to do this and you feel it will benefit both of us, send an email to

Can I choose different ad networks for links on my custom build? 2018-03-25T22:37:40+00:00

YES! If you choose not to signup for the above referenced ad networks, that’s perfectly fine, HOWEVER, there are certain rules.

  1. The networks you choose to promote MUST have an affiliate program that pays affiliates for referrals. The is required. It’s one of the ways we pay the bills.
  2. You must sign up under us as a referral.
  3. Ads must be comparable to the current ad networks.
How much will I make? 2018-03-25T22:28:58+00:00

That will depend on how many installs you get and the quality of those installs. It will be dependent upon other things too, such as offers available, global location of install, device of install, etc. Because MovieFinderPro is a software that users will keep using, the likelihood of making several dollars per install is pretty high. However, it will depend on your installs.

How and when do I get paid? 2018-03-25T22:28:53+00:00

How you get paid is by the individual ad networks. We don’t pay you anything actually. We offer you the avenue to deliver ads to millions of users (depending on the amount and quality of installs you get with your custom build) and make recurring commissions by delivering our software to your users. The more people that download your custom build, the more money you will make. We prefer a “rev-share” type model of affiliate program as opposed to a PPI (pay per install) model.

Depending on the ad network, some pay daily, others bi-weekly, others monthly, and yet others have custom payment options.

Some pay via Paypal, Payza, Bitcoin and wire transfer. Check each individual ad networks’ payment options for more information.