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Full HD Movie Downloads & Streaming

MovieFinderPro searches for links to movies on publicly listed servers that are indexed in Google. By searching for free movies this way, you will be able to find almost any HD movie you want to watch, hosted on publicly listed servers. There is no registration required to download free movies or stream HD movies with MovieFinderPro. Download full HD movies in minutes without having to worry about fake files, torrents,  or malware.

Download & Stream TV Shows

MovieFinderPro searches for TV shows and television series as well. No matter if you’re trying to download TV shows or just stream television series,  you can probably find it available to stream or download. Simply search for the TV show or television series you want and quickly download without registration. You can even find obscure and rare titles like “Powers of Matthew Star” & “Dukes of Hazzard” or even newer titles like “Walking Dead” or “The Big Bang Theory“.

HD Movie & TV Show Downloads Or Streaming

MovieFinderPro let’s you stream HD movies and TV shows with the click of a button. Once you’ve found your favorite movie or television show, simply click the “Stream” button and start streaming HD movies or TV shows without having to wait for buffering. As long as you’ve got at least a 1mb/s connection, you will be able to stream movies without buffering and watch tv online with no registration. Feature coming soon!

A Bunch Of Reasons You’ll Love MovieFinderPro, besides the FREE Movies…

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100% Free
MovieFinderPro is 100% free for anyone to use. There are no fees and no spyware bundled with the program. If you've paid a fee for MovieFinderPro, please contact us and let us know the offending site url.
No Registration
There is no need to worry about registering to download movies or TV shows. MovieFinderPro is a desktop & mobile app that you install on your device and does not require registration to use.
New Release Movies
Search for and find the latest blockbuster HD movies that have been released. Download new release movies in HD and stream the latest TV shows and even television series from top television stations.
Obscure Movies
Find and download or stream old and obsure movies and TV shows. Remember those TV shows from when you were a kid? Yep, you can find and download those as well. Almost any movie or TV show you can think of.
Download & Stream
Download & stream the latest HD movies and TV shows simultaneously. That's right, download one movie and stream another at the same time, as long as you've got at least 1mb/s download speeds.
Download Speeds
With a good internet connection, you can get amazing download speeds and easily be able to download a 1.5 gb movie in just a couple minutes, all while streaming another movie or television show and without the issues of buffering.
Movie Trailers
Before you download a movie, check out a trailer. Simply search for a movie title, click on the movie and you will be able to watch the trailer to make sure it's the correct movie. Trailers are hosted on Youtube so if there is no trailer on Youtube, there will be no trailer to watch.
Movie Reviews
Read honest reviews by people who've seen the movies.
Multi Downloads
Download multiple movies and TV episodes as well as stream a movie all at the same time, all without having to sit and wait for the movie to buffer. Download a whole TV series and start streaming the first episode while the others are downloading.
Download Manager
MovieFinderPro has a simple download manager for organizing your downloads. This is still a work in progress.
Virus Scanner
MovieFinderPro has a built in virus scanner through VirusTotal. You can run a virus scan on every file before you decide to download it. Keep your device free from infection by religiously running a scan on every file prior to downloading and help prevent costly device repair.

VirusTotal is NOT a substitute for a malware/spyware/antivirus program. You should always make sure your device is protected before downloading files from the internet. VirusTotal will not protect your device from a virus, it will only scan the link to see if it's a known threat.

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